Friday, November 9, 2012

Hong Kong

On China's southern coast, the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong is deliriously fast-paced, with scenic skylines, tightly packed sidewalks, and neon signage: it is definitely a feast for the senses. The former British colony is one of the world's leading financial centers, it is one of the most densely populated and as a result, a very vertical city with skyscrapers at every turn.

Hong Kong harbor separates Hong Kong Island from Kowloon, where the Orchestra is staying and performing.

Hong Kong Island as seen from the Kowloon side

Hong Kong Cultural Centre
The Orchestra peforms two concerts in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the leading performing arts venue in the city.  On the waterfront overlooking Hong Kong Island, it is a stunning venue.   

The excitement is running high, as the SFS visit is one of the highlights of the season, and the signage in the hall reflects it.  No mistaking who's performing tonight !

Well branded for sure!

But first, lunch.  Dim Sum is an Orchestra favorite, and nobody does it like the Cantonese. 

Just getting started !

 Hedgehog shaped Egg Custard balls for dessert

For its rehearsal, the Orchestra invited groups of local schoolchildren into the hall.  MTT provided much commentary and insights into works by Henry Cowell and Lou Harrison, which I'm sure was quite new to these young ears.  They were very enthusiastic to say the least.

Local HK stage managers ready to assist

At rehearsal is tour sponsor and SFS Board Member Gorretti Lui (right),
Mrs, Lui Che Woo (center) and SFS Violinist Chen Zhao (left)

Kimberly Wright and Jeff Anderson before the show

Head Librarian Margo Kieser guards the scores
SFS in concert at the HKCC
My favorite instrument trunk.  A whip?  Really?

SFS Media products are well represented in Hong Kong

Post Concert reception by HK sponsor Yuana Securities
(l to r: MTT, SFS President-Elect Sakurako Fisher, Yuja Wang, and
Yuanta President Joe Lam)